19.10.17 - 20.10.17

Workshop 05: Cultural Techniques of Radiophonics

Eikones Forum, Basel

Sound, as a temporal phenomenon is deeply entangled with the processes of its productions, transformations and transmissions, as well as their chains and cascades. Radiophonics – which links acoustics with electromagnetic oscillations – then, cannot be analyzed based only on its finished or closed things but rather its operations.

The workshop Cultural Techniques of Radiophonics traces the mutual relations between the practices of producing, composing and listening to sound, radiophonic technologies and sonic environments. What sound is - or can be - is articulated and stabilized in these processes, but at the same time possibilities of destabilization – the misuse of technical apparatuses and the transgression of cultural codes, the deterritorialization of sounds and the disruption of habits of listening – can arise and point to something new or different. It is especially these moments of shifting perspectives – or rather: points of audition – that make tangible how aesthetic, technical, epistemic, and political aspects of radiophonics mesh and generate each other reciprocally.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

13:00 h Welcome and Introduction (Tatiana Eichenberger & Jan Philip Müller)

13:30 h Melle Kromhout: The Primary Logic of Filtering

14:45 h Bernhard Siegert: Radiophonics and the Epistemology of Disruption

15:45 h Ute Holl: Cultural Techniques of Sound Studios

18:00 h Concert by Beatriz Ferreyra
Q & A with Nathalie Singer
(Ostquai, Hafenstrasse 25)


Friday, October 20, 2017

10 - 15 h Conversation mit Beatriz Ferreyra