27.10.16 - 28.10.16

Radio Space is the Place

International Conference
Halle/Saale, Germany

A collaboration of RadioRevolten with the Experimental Radio of the Bauhaus-University of Weimar and the SNF Sinergia Research Project: “Radiophonic Cultures – Sonic environments and archives in hybrid media systems”.

Curators: Anna Friz, Nathalie Singer, Elisabeth Zimmermann
Program Coordination: Andreas Feddersen, Jan Philip Müller

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Radio Space is the Place*

Radio space (envisioned as a continuous, available, fluctuating area), is inhabited by interpenetrating and overlapping fields and bodies. We are led to believe that each part of the electro-magnetic spectrum is precisely and evenly divided into categories such as AM or FM radio, shortwave radio, VLF or UHF frequencies, etc. However, listening and playing with waves reveals a radically different reality: frequencies are in fact not discrete but dense and overlapping; noisy, full of fluctuation, interference, and dynamic activity. Radio space refers to both the symbolic spaces of cultural production such as a radio station as well as to the invisible but very material space of dynamic electromagnetic interactions.

Radio in the 21st century has undergone numerous changes, from format to distribution channels to the democratization of production through old and new media appropriations. Radio space as described by the radio dial is likewise on the verge of major change, as AM, LW, and citizen’s band frequencies fall silent, and FM radio is the next band to experience a potential station exodus to digital radio. At the same time, there is renewed interest among corporations on the one hand, and citizens, artists, and students on the other to re-occupy these emptying frequencies. So never mind the radio of the future – what proposals, projects, activities and art practices are taking place now across what we might consider the post-industrial vacant lots of the radio band?

Exhibitions and public presentations at Radio Revolten 2016 will demonstrate the significant variety of practices undertaken by artists working with transmission and radio internationally, in order to explore the social, symbolic, and material space of transmission and broadcast. What further potential can be utilized immediately for expanded radio practices including radio art?

This international conference blends lectures with an open round-table format, where invited artists, practitioners and researchers together with audience discuss the challenges and potentials of working across frequencies in expanded radio space.

Anna Friz

* The title is referring to point 7 of the RADIO ART MANIFESTO written by Robert Adrian on the occasion of “Immersive Sound/Kunst in der Stadt II”, Bregenz 1998 (www.kunstradio.at/theorie/manifesto).


Thu, 27th October


Fri, 28th October