14.09.15 - 15.09.15

Workshop 01: Radiophonics

Basel, Seminar für Medienwissenschaft, Universität Basel

Centered around the concept of radiophonics and its historical and systematic implications, the projects first workshop aimed at a mutual reflection on the subprojects' relation to each other in the overall project's research structure. The concretions in the focusses and approaches of the individual research projects were presented and discussed in order to balance the overall research architecture of connections and shared areas of research. Two main interfaces of cooperation between the subprojects were at the center of consideration: one connecting the research in media studies and musicology and one connecting the archive project in Weimar to the data mining project at the electronic studio in Basel.


Ute Holl: Welcome and Introduction to the Workshop's Topics

Camilla Bork & Antje Tumat: Project Presentation, Subproject B: Radiophonic music. Compositions-Experiments-Discourses. A Historical-Critical Study

Nathalie Singer: Archiving Radiophonic Art: Sonosphere und EXPA

Erik Oña: Algorithmic Ordering, Categorizing, Recognition, and Composition of Digital Sound Data

Keitaro Takahashi: Artifical Neural Network: Self Organizing Map

Tobias Gerber: The Conceptualization of Sound in Early Radio

Tatiana Eichenberger: The Technical and Institutional Circumstances of Sound Production in the Emerging Electronic Studios in the Context of Radio

Andreas Feddersen: Artistic Work with Radio Archives and Radiophonic History

Jan Philip Müller: Radiophonic Spatialities: Experiments and Feedbacks